Our approach

Bean Inspired is a specialty coffee brand devoted to creating the ultimate coffee experience. Based in Wicklow town, the roastery is managed by a dynamic and passionate female team united by a shared love of coffee.

We operate with a considered approach to coffee roasting that places a strong appreciation for quality, equality and sustainability at the forefront. We aim to offer carefully selected women-grown coffees roasted to their best potential. We believe the art of roasting is above all the ability to showcase the aromas of the soil and the work of the producers. It is in our pursuit of delivering the most rewarding coffee experience that we seek to showcase special coffees from around the world, and we go through a detailed research and selection process to ensure our quality standards are always met.

A focus on the challenges women in coffee growing communities is central to our work here at Bean Inspired, and even became part of our name. BEAN is the word for WOMAN in Irish, and you can visit our mission page to learn more about how we are working towards positive changes for women in the coffee growing communities.

Sadly coffee farmers earn less than 10% of global coffee sales revenue, and whilst women make up around 70% of the workforce on coffee farms, they almost always face gender-based bias and earn on average almost 40% less than their male peers. We aim to support women farmers and organisations like the IWCA that provide training, market education and funding to smallholder women coffee producers so they can drive their communities towards a sustainable future.